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 Custom Cut Fabrication LLC has been serving the area since 2004. We specialize in anything custom cut for you, from high-end fabrication of finished products to assembly, repair, and rebuild of existing equipment. We take pride in the quality of our work. If you're a business owner with work to sub-contract you can be confident that there will be no loss of quality with us.  Our Employees are MSHA Part 48 A as well as OSHA 10 trained and certified.

Services Offered:

  • CUSTOM Roll Cages, bumpers,  and 4130 Chromoly tubing, plate, and 4130 laser cut tabs.
  • Pipe Bending -Hydraulic bending of thin wall tubing up to 2" sch 40 
  • Plate Rolling - Hydraulic plate rolling up to 10' x 1/4" 
  • Plate Bending - CNC hydraulic bending 220 ton up to 10'
  • Hole Punching - CNC 110 ton punch
  • Cutting - Angle shear up to 6 1/2" x 6 1/2" x 1/2
                 - Bar shearing up to 24" x 5/8"
                 - Channel shearing up to 6"
                 - Plate shearing 10' x 3/16"
  • Laser Cutting - 7' x 14' 3000 watt plate laser
  • Laser Pipe and Tube Cutting (Coming Soon)
  • Plasma Cutting
  • Painting Services - booth size of 9'3" x 14' x 25'
  • Welding Services - tig-mig-arc of all types of alloys
SALES→ We stock raw materials and provide cut parts of all types of metals
SALES→ Metal sales including structural steel, aluminum, stainless, and rebar.
SALES→ Replacement Trailer parts including, tires, wheels, lights, etc.
  • Design Services - Auto CAD Design
On-site services also upon request

Industries We Serve:
Here at CCF we serve a wide range of customers every day and our experience is expanding all the time.
We currently have customers in the following areas.

  • Concrete Industry - Both local ready mix plants and batch plants nation wide.
  • Farm & Industrial Equipment Repair - Everything from rebuilding grain cart augers and dirt pans, to repairing all of the equipment in a small local processing plant.    
  • Industrial Work - All kinds of field work from retrofitting old equipment to fabricating and/or installing new structure.
  • Home Builders - Custom Steel handrails, Stainless Steel for kitchens, rebar, and other metals.
  • Other - We also build high quality custom flat bed trailers.

2021 State Hwy PP Jackson, MO 63755
Fax: 573-204-7801
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